Fort Meade

Otherwise known as Jimmie Cotton’s Trail, this trail is probably the most difficult in the state.  Because of how strenuous, technical and difficult this trail is, it is ridden by invitation only and during group rides.





Damn that’s Steep is a short section of the trail that takes you up onto a ridge and down a drop so steep that it looks like it’s concave! There is a bypass, but you don’t go to Jimmie’s to bypass options!



The Cow Trails are towards the middle section of the trails and offer some of the most difficult climbs. There is a natural berm in this section which can be tricky and is one of the most common places for people to crash.



Roller Coaster is the only major downhill section of the trails. It’s long ridge has a few climbs in it but is fast, flowy and lots of fun!



Heart Attack Switchback is a tough climb. It has a sharp turn towards the top that throws people off and often makes them put a foot down. After riding the ridge, you come up to the infamous “Holy Sh!t” drop which is the biggest in the trail system. You can bypass it, but again, you don’t go to Jimmie’s to bypass!



Bambi, unlike the name implies, is tough. Lots of climbs, more climbs and then some more climbs! Luckily, there are some drops, but they are followed by some climbs.



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