Alafia River State Park

Alafia River State Park contains some of the best maintained trails around thanks to SWAMP.   Trail difficulty ranges from beginner to expert and are ranked just like ski slopes.  Green Circle trails (River Loop and Sand Pine) are beginner and mostly flat while Double Black Diamonds (Moonscape and Gatorback) are extremely expert with tough climbs, ledges and rock gardens, so please ride within your limits.  If you have never been before and are looking for a trail guide, contact SWAMP or the Bike Shop of Winter Haven for assistance!




Rabbit Ears are 3 short trails that are ranked as Expert Black Diamond trails.  They generally have 1 tough climb, 1 big drop and then some technical turns to finish them out.  Do all three in a row for a tough few minutes!



Frank’s Corner has one of the most intimitading turns in all of Florida. The trail goes down a steep drop that is laid with bricks followed by an extremely sharp right-hand corner. Don’t make the corner and you’re swimming with the gators!



Bridges is probably the most popular trail in Alafia River State Park.  It contains lots of ups and downs, but nothing major until the end.  The finale of the intermediate portion is a long winding climb but the trail then splits to a bail-out and an expert portion that has big drops and big climbs!



OAF and Garden Ridge are two short loops of of the main trail called Rock Garden.  Garden Ridge is an intermediate trail while OAF is a short expert trail.  Both contain sharp corners, short climbs and minor technical sections.

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